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Axiom Industries provides solid moulder feed wheels and replacement moulder/feed roller wheels. We also offer power feed rollers, edge bander rollers and pads, and much more to the woodworking industry. Our power feed rollers can be replaceable or bonded to the hub. Moulder feed wheels are solid and we offer replacement tires for your current hubs.

Polyurethane is a superior product to use for the most demanding of applications because it will perform better and last longer than rubber. Additionally, polyurethane has a higher has a higher resistance to and tears. It also has a higher abrasion resistance making it better than rubber for the wood working industry. Polyurethane can increase its load bearing capacity by having a higher hardness rating. This allows you to have less down time replacing parts.

moulder wheels detail

Moulding Applications 

Solid Moulder Feed Wheels

  • Long-wearing polyurethane
  • Eliminates expensive hub cost
  • Quick change over means less downtime
  • Excellent gripping ability with less pressure
  • Non-marking
  • Easy ordering
  • Bevels at no extra cost
  • Can be used on other including sanders, resaws, ripsaws, finder-jointers, and many others
  • Can re-coat all brands
  • Custom rollers

Replacement Moulder/Feed Roller Wheels

  • Long-wearing polyurethane
  • Excellent gripping ability
  • ferent durometers – same price
  • Non-marking
  • Easy ordering

power feed rollers

Power Feed Applications

Axiom offers two types of power feed rollers, both made of long wearing polyurethane:

  • Replaceable, press-on tires:
    • You buy the hub only once
    • When tire wears out, simply press the old one off and press the new one on
  • Bonded-to-hub tires:
    • Eliminates possible slippage of press-on type tires
    • Work better in extreme pressures and temperatures

Axiom’s Power Feed Rollers offer:

  • Excellent gripping ability with less pressure
  • Will not mark product
  • All hardnesses are the same price
  • Manufactured to fit most brands
  • We can re-coat all brands of power feed wheels for extended wear and savings

edge bander details

Edge Bander Applications

Axiom’s edge bander rollers and pads:

  • Offer excellent gripping ability
  • Will not delaminate off core or pad
  • Will not crack
  • Made of long-wearing, heat, and abrasion resistant polyurethane
  • Easy to order
  • Excellent price compared to rubber
  • We recover worn out rollers and pads!


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