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The versatility of polyurethane allows us to create products for many different applications. Whether it’s the wide range of hardnessess, or the resistance to water and oil, polyurethane parts can thrive in many different applications. The following shows that custom means custom.

Joseph Branch Railriders

Kim Metlen wanted to show off the beauty of the Wallowa Union Railroad. Known as the Joseph Branch, this specific 63-mile line was no longer in use. He wondered how he could make use of the railroad track. After finding a business in the Eastern United States doing something similar, Joseph Branch Railriders was created.

He reached out to Axiom Industries to see if we could mold a polyurethane wheel with a bicycle hub to ride the rails. After a few tests, we could finalize a mold for the rail units. Once Joseph Branch secured permission to use the railroad tracks, they hit the ground running.


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